Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Daniel JacobDaniel Jacob
Great teacher and really good person. Very friendly and always encouraging you to do well.

Ruphina OkunowoRuphina Okunowo
I was recommended to Simon and he was a really good instructor. Very patient and calming and very friendly nature.

Tyler MorrisTyler Morris
My brother recommended Simon after he passed first time with him and I kept up the family tradition and also passed first time. I could not have done it without Simon's help however and I would advise anybody in the area to choose him.

Eli LeaderEli Leader
An outrageously good instructor. Would recommend to anybody.

Tarren Kent-HumeTarren Kent-Hume
Great instructor and great guy. Would totally recommend.

Rory MarshRory Marsh
Really good instructor. Patient and gets his points across very well.

Milo CookMilo Cook
Passed 1st time
When I contacted Simon for help in passing my test I never expected him to be so good that I passed first time with no minors. Would recommend to everybody

Maisie ReesMaisie Rees
Really good instructor. Very patient and calm.

James RubenJames Ruben
Helped me to understand that driving is all about doing things safely rather than how quick you can do them. Really good and helpful and always calm.

Alexander NewmanAlexander Newman
Helped me during covid when my test continued to be cancelled and eventually I passed first time with Simon's help

Shlomo HalberstadtShlomo Halberstadt
Very good instructor. Very nice person.

Abigail SilverAbigail Silver
Simon was recommended to my mother and I can see why. Very good, friendly, and calm. Would recommend to others.

Eliana LevyEliana Levy
I needed some refresher lessons to help me pass my test. Simon was very helpful and reliable and certainly gave me some good advice to help me pass.

Joshua BurmanJoshua Burman
My sister passed with Simon and recommended him to me. I have now recommended him to my friends as he is a very good instructor and without him I would not have passed first time

Andrew RosenAndrew Rosen
Although it took a lot longer than I thought it would due to Covid I passed first time and would not have been able to do that if it wasn't for the help and ability of Simon. I have recommended him to friends and would recommend to anybody.

Loren WilliamsLoren Williams
Thanks for your hard work and honest feedback. It certainly helped me to pass my test. Would recommend to anybody.

Callum WhitworthCallum Whitworth
A friend recommended Simon to me and I was so pleased he did. Very good instructor, reliable and always on time.

Simon is very friendly, knowledgeable, and a really good instructor. He was very helpful and explained things in a way I understood them. I'm glad to have been taught by him and would recommend him to anyone.

Eric LemmelEric Lemmel
I originally asked Simon for help with parking as my instructor did not explain it very well and I was confused. Simon explained it so well and made it seem so straight forward that I decided to go with him full time. Was very pleased I changed as Simon pointed out a few things that he thought I was doing wrong and my driving improved 100%. I passed first time which I don't think I would have done had I not changed to Simon.

Gilad NewmarkGilad Newmark
Passed first time
My test was cancelled 3 times due to Covid and I was getting really fed up but Simon's enthusiasm and encouragement helped me to re-focus and pass first time.

Nikki StorchNikki Storch
Really good instructor and nice person. Will recommend to my friends.

Billie EsplenBillie Esplen
Really good and reliable instructor. Thanks

Kavanagh ByronKavanagh Byron
I was so happy and impressed with Simon that I recommended him to my brother. We both passed first time.

Emanuel VieiraEmanuel Vieira
I needed to pass before my wife gave birth to twins and Simon knew exactly what to teach and when to teach it in a way that I could understand it first time. Really good teacher and I passed first time.

Courtney FranklinCourtney Franklin
Great teacher and good person. Always answered questions in a way I understood.

Shai WalkerShai Walker
Really good instructor and very helpful. Explains things well and makes it simple.

Sophia SeatonSophia Seaton
Really kind, friendly, and very patient person. Explains the situation well and gets his point across in a very good manner.

Dellaine ByronDellaine Byron
My brother knew Simon and told me he had heard that he was a good instructor. He wasn't wrong as I found him to be very friendly and very good at his job.

Luca PeverelliLuca Peverelli
A friend told me Simon was a good instructor and they were not wrong. Would recommend 100%

Abisoye Akin-AgunbiadeAbisoye Akin-Agunbiade
Has a very nice way of teaching and getting across his point. Also a very nice man

Ryan CrawleyRyan Crawley
I was having trouble with the theory and wanted to give up but Simons help, advice and encouragement helped me to carry on and eventually passing the theory before passing my practical first time. Would advise people to use Simon.

Kirsty Fairbairn-MorenoKirsty Fairbairn-Moreno
Really good instructor. Very friendly and knowledgeable and good at putting across his points.

Jess StrawJess Straw
In my first lesson I was so nervous that I could not even hold the steering wheel properly, however with Simon's patience, calm approach, good sense of humour, and ability to pass on his knowledge, I eventually calmed down, started to enjoy driving and to my amazement I actually passed first time. I could not have done it without Simon as I probably would have given up learning without him. Would recommend 100%

Solomon ElijahSolomon Elijah
Good instructor, very friendly and very calm.

Kieran BagdaiKieran Bagdai
My brother passed with Simon and recommended him to me. I'm glad he did as Simon is a very good instructor.

Harley MorrisHarley Morris
Somebody told my mum Simon was a really good instructor and they were not wrong. Very patient and a nice person as well

Anthony SpiersAnthony Spiers
Really Good. Thanks very much for your help.

Jordan ReznikJordan Reznik
A friend recommended Simon to me and Im glad he did. Would have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

Callum NestorCallum Nestor
A friend told me Simon was a good instructor so I decided to go with him. Really glad I did as my friend was 100% correct. Simon is a very good instructor and would advise anybody to use him as their teacher.

Shannen BlackmoreShannen Blackmore
I was not getting along with my instructor when a friend mentioned I should contact Simon. I'm really glad I changed as not only is he a nice person but a good instructor.

Andrew BishopAndrew Bishop
After years of learning on and off with various instructors, but never taking a test, I started to learn with Simon. He straight away realised what my faults were and started to work on them and encourage me to book a test, which to my delight I passed first time

Alex MonnickendamAlex Monnickendam
I found Simon on the internet and really glad I did. With his help I managed to pass with no minors. Would never have believed that was possible before having lessons woth Simon

Ebun OshikoyaEbun Oshikoya
Simon has been blessed with not only being a nice and patient person but also a very good driving instructor

Breeze MullinsBreeze Mullins
Really good instructor. Knew straight away where my faults were from my previous instructor and how to correct them. Would recommend.

Reis WassermanReis Wasserman
Simon was recommended to me and I'm very glad he was as he is a very good instructor and a nice person.

Daniel LongDaniel Long
Was recommended by a friend and really glad as Simon is a very good instructor and a nice person.

Omar FarooqiOmar Farooqi
Although I had an American licence I had never driven in this country or on the left. Simon was the perfect teacher and I passed first time. Would recommend 100%

Daniel DavidDaniel David
Called him "The Gaffer" as he's the boss when it comes to driving instructors. The best in the area.

Monica BurmanMonica Burman
Really nice man and a very good instructor.

Sophie YoungSophie Young
When I first got in the car I would never have dreamed of passing first time as I was very nervous and continued to over think things as a result. However Simons calm nature and way of explaining things as well as his sense of humour allowed me to gradually get more confident to the extent that when I took my test I was very confident of passing and did so first time.

Nathan HickeyNathan Hickey
Great instructor. Gets his point across well. Really nice person

Claudia TheodorouClaudia Theodorou
Really nice man and very good instructor.

Joshua HolmesJoshua Holmes
Really good instructor. Very good at encouraging people to do things they don't feel confident with so they then become confident. Would recommend.

Hannah GlobeHannah Globe
Really good instructor and a nice person

Matthew HaungMatthew Haung
Simon was recommended to me and Im very pleased he was as without his help and encouragement I would not have passed.

Ashleigh HastingsAshleigh Hastings
I was recommended to Simon by a friend as I was not getting on well with my instructor. I learnt more in my first lesson with Simon than I did in all the lessons with my previous instructor. Would recommend to anybody who wanted a patient good and friendly instructor.

Conor BrowneConor Browne
Great instructor. Will recommend to all my friends.

Gabrielle PetraskaiteGabrielle Petraskaite
I'm so happy. I couldn't have done it without Simons help. Thank you so much.

Elizabeth StrommeElizabeth Stromme
Doing 30 hours in one week was very demanding but Simons sense of humour, encouragement, and general good nature helped me get through the week and pass.

Bradley BishopBradley Bishop
Simon gave me the confidence to go and pass first time. A good instructor and a nice person

Millie WoodmanMillie Woodman
Really good teacher and a nice person

Naomi WellsNaomi Wells
Really good instructor and a nice person as well.

Jemma JacobsJemma Jacobs
A friend recommended Simon and I'm really glad they did as he is a very nice man and a good instructor.

Sophie AlbumSophie Album
Thanks for all the help. Would recommend.

Bilal WaniBilal Wani
Thanks for all your help Simon. I can now drive myself to work instead of waiting for the bus.

Darius Bradbear-BrownDarius Bradbear-Brown
Brilliant. Thanks for your help Simon

Joshua RothschildJoshua Rothschild
Great guy and really good instructor. Couldn't have done it without his help.

Shir DorShir Dor
A friend recommended me to use Simon and i'm really glad I did. Good instructor and very calm and helpful.

Reuben JoshuaReuben Joshua
Really good instructor. I have recommended him to all my friends.

Simeon MalevSimeon Malev
Simon quickly noticed my faults and corrected them so I could pass. Good instructor

Patrick BolandPatrick Boland
My sisters all passed first time with Simon and thanks to his hard work and patience I kept up the family tradition.

Kaine SullivanKaine Sullivan
Thanks Simon. Couldn't have done it without your help.

Matthew MubiraMatthew Mubira
Passed 1st time
Course was very intense but Simon taught it very well and his sense of humour and encouragement kept me going when I felt low and helped me get through and pass first time.

Chloe Pierre - CarberryChloe Pierre - Carberry
Brilliant Instructor and a really nice person too. Gave me confidence to pass.

George BloomfieldGeorge Bloomfield
Thanks Simon. Couldn't have done it without your help.

Georgina EnnisGeorgina Ennis
Thanks for your patience commitment and calmness during the lessons. It gave me the confidence to go on and pass

Aran LogeswaranAran Logeswaran
Great. Thanks for all your help. I couldn't have done it without you

Jo BoloandJo Boloand
Passed 1st Time
Both my younger sisters passed first time with Simon and I was really nervous that I would not be able to follow them, but thanks to Simon I completed the hat trick and passed first time as well.

James Newcombe James Newcombe
The course was very intense but Simon taught it well, kept his sense of humour and made it very enjoyable.

Martha PhippsMartha Phipps
Passed 1st time
I was very nervous at first but thanks to Simons encouragement and patience I managed to pass first time.

Kingsley MadamperumaKingsley Madamperuma
LDC and Simon are much better than the others. They spend less time talking and paper work and more time driving.

Nikki AdamsNikki Adams
Couldn't have done it without Simons' patience, encouragement, professionalism, knowledge, and sense of humour. Would recommend to anybody.

Brett WallisBrett Wallis
Thanks Simon. I couldn't have done it without you.

Mohammed FarranMohammed Farran
My brother, brother in law, and now me have all passed with Simon. Would recommend to anybody.

Jade WaltonJade Walton
Brilliant. Would recommend Simon and LDC to anybody.

Tilly BatesTilly Bates
I'm so happy and excited to have passed my test and it's all down to Simons hard work and help.

Daniel StewartDaniel Stewart
A great way to start the new year. Couldn't have done it without Simons help. Thanks for everything.

David KingDavid King
After failing my test 35 years ago I thought i would never be able to drive as I would be too old to learn again. However Simons encouragement, calmness, professionalism and friendly nature all helped to enable me to finish what I started all those years ago. Would recommend to anyone.

Thomas HuttonThomas Hutton
Thanks for everything. A great instructor and a good person.

Alec MooreAlec Moore
Thanks Simon I couldnt have done it without you.

Laura AustinLaura Austin
After failing twice with other instructors, Simon helped me to make it third time lucky.

Sian BolandSian Boland
Thanks Simon for all the help. I couldn't have done it without you.

Bobby BoneBobby Bone
Thanks very much Simon for all the help.

Antoinette CrabbeAntoinette Crabbe
Simon gave me the confidence and self belief to take and pass the test. I couldn't have done it without him.

Edna VilberEdna Vilber
Im so happy I passed and its thanks to Simons help.

Devorah JasonDevorah Jason
Would never have dreamed of passing first time with no minors but thanks to Simon's instruction, professionalism, and encouragement thats exactly what happened.

Sergey EvseevSergey Evseev
From being frightened to sit behind the wheel to passing first time in 5 months thanks to Simon and LDC. Great instructor and would recommend to anyone.

Lea Boyce-ZuccottoLea Boyce-Zuccotto
Couldn't have done it without Simons help.

Kieron SheehanKieron Sheehan
Great instructor and great person. Would reccomend Simon to anybody.

Rebecca StewardRebecca Steward
Simons calming influence helpt me relax and get through the test.

Cameron LaleyeCameron Laleye
I couldnt have done it without Simons help.

Megan NurseMegan Nurse
Test booster course was perfect for me and Simon was a good teacher for the course.

Franky Saxena Franky Saxena
Couldn't have had a better instructor.

Barbara Von BarsenBarbara Von Barsen
Simons help was invaluable.

Carlo MarenghiCarlo Marenghi
All round nice guy and very good instructor.

Theresa BolandTheresa Boland
Without Simons calm & friendly encouragement plus his professional attitude I would never have passed first time.

Constantine AntoniadesConstantine Antoniades
After 2 hours tuition Simon spotted and corrected my faults to enable me to pass with only 2 minors. Great instructor.

Courtney PhillipsCourtney Phillips
Simon gave me the confidence and helped me keep calm to get through the test. A good teacher and a nice person.

Joel SewaguddeJoel Sewagudde
I could never have got through my test without Simons help.

Harry BlackmoreHarry Blackmore
Great course and Simon was a great teacher.

Katie LusbyKatie Lusby
The workbooks allowed me to know what was going on before I got in the car and Simon was perfect for explaining what I didnt understand.

Rebecca GrantRebecca Grant
From knowing nothing to passing in a week. Perfect course for me and Simon was perfect teacher for the course.

Farindiunfer UsamiFarindiunfer Usami
After failing 3 times with other schools, Simon & LDC made it easy to learn and pass.

Joe CroftJoe Croft
Simon made learning to drive fun and was great at getting his point across. Would recommend to anybody.